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Mithans Unveils Exquisite S-Style Bristol Series Guitars: A Fusion of Sound and Craftsmanship

by Madonna

Slovenian artisanal guitar maker, Mithans Guitars, has introduced two new additions to its esteemed Bristol line, showcasing an impeccable blend of style and performance.

The Bristol and Bristol Special models epitomize the classic ST design, boasting bodies sculpted from swamp ash, deluxe roasted flame maple necks, and ebony fingerboards.

Both guitars feature versatile HSS pickup configurations, featuring Mithans’ own hand-wound pickups – D.A.S. PAF’59s in the bridge position, and DAS ST’69 single-coils in the middle and neck.

Controlled by traditional Fender-style knobs and a five-way selector switch, these guitars are equipped with premium Gotoh hardware, including a Wilkinson bridge and locking tuners. The regular Bristol sports elegant gold hardware, while the Special variant opts for a sleek silver finish.

With matching 25.5” scale lengths and stainless steel frets, these guitars ensure top-notch playability. Additional features such as zero frets, TUSQ XL nuts, and unique brass side dots with wooden inlays further enhance their appeal. Both models also showcase a striking custom mother-of-pearl ‘tree of life’ inlay at the 12th fret and boast reverse headstocks.

While the Bristol dazzles with its Charcoal finish and white knobs, the Special model stands out with its Black finish, eye-catching burl pickguard, and black knobs.

Mithans describes these guitars as offering “a trademark blend of sound and playability,” handcrafted by chief luthier Mitja Mithans himself. Priced at $2,510 for the Bristol and $2,409 for the Special, these guitars epitomize excellence in craftsmanship and sonic performance.

Since 2015, Mithans has been renowned for crafting boutique guitars using premium woods and hardware. Nestled in the picturesque Slovenian village of Zgornja Kungota, their instruments cater to blues and rock enthusiasts worldwide. Following the success of their Les Paul-inspired Valira model and sleek semi-hollow Madeira, these ST-style Bristol guitars mark another milestone in Mithans’ legacy of innovation and quality.

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