Epiphone Unveils Dave Grohl DG-335 Guitar: Legendary Design Made Affordable

by Madonna

In a move that’s stirring excitement among guitar enthusiasts, Epiphone has introduced the Dave Grohl DG-335, a budget-friendly rendition of the iconic Gibson signature model associated with the Foo Fighters’ frontman. Following an exclusive preview in January at Gibson’s LA artist showroom, it’s evident that the DG-335 is generating significant buzz, reminiscent of the fervor once reserved for Grohl’s limited Gibson Custom Shop editions.

“Dave Grohl is an icon in alternative rock, requiring no introduction,” states Epiphone. The brand underscores Grohl’s enduring connection with Gibson and the continued popularity of his signature guitars, which often command high prices in the resale market.


Design and Features

The DG-335 by Epiphone is more than just a tribute; it’s a continuation of Grohl’s legacy, blending elements from Gibson’s Trini Lopez and ES-335 semi-hollow guitars. Sporting the distinctive Pelham Blue finish, the model features a one-piece mahogany neck, a departure from Epiphone’s standard construction, enhancing its premium feel. Additionally, the guitar boasts Gibson’s USA Burstbucker humbuckers, Grover Mini-Rotomatic tuners, and other top-notch components, all packaged in an exclusive Epiphone Dave Grohl hardshell case.


Performance and Playability

Initial reviews praise the DG-335’s playability, particularly its robust neck, well-suited to Grohl’s rhythm-driven style. The Burstbuckers deliver a blend of aggression and warmth, complemented by the guitar’s hollow body attributes. The meticulous craftsmanship from Epiphone’s China factory underscores the brand’s commitment to quality.


Pricing and Market Impact

With an expected price range of $1,499 to $1,900, the DG-335’s $1,299 price tag comes as a pleasant surprise, reflecting shifts in guitar manufacturing and pricing dynamics. This strategic pricing, especially following the success of Epiphone’s high-end Inspired by Gibson Custom Firebird V, positions the DG-335 as a potential best-seller among signature guitars this year. Epiphone’s declaration, “The wait is over – now you can have it all,” encapsulates the anticipation and enthusiasm surrounding this launch.

The debut of the Dave Grohl DG-335 marks not only a celebration of a rock legend’s legacy but also a significant moment in making high-quality instruments accessible. It bridges the divide between aspiration and reality for many, offering iconic design and premium features at an affordable price point. The DG-335’s introduction underscores Epiphone’s innovation and signals to guitarists worldwide that legendary tones and aesthetics are well within reach.


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