Irish Folk Violinist Transforms Ryanair Flight into Mid-Air Pub with Spontaneous Jig

by Madonna

In an unexpected turn of events, a routine Ryanair flight from Belfast to Lanzarote turned into a lively Irish pub, all thanks to the impromptu musical talents of traveling folk musicians.

Onboard the flight, Irish folk violinist Sam Magee, accompanied by fellow musicians Nathan Carter and Matthew Crampsey, decided to share their joyous music with the entire plane. The trio, currently prominent figures in Irish folk music, treated the passengers to a performance of the folk tune ‘Las Vegas in the Hills of Donegal.’


Having paid for an additional seat for his fiddle, Sam ensured that his instrument did not have to endure the hold or the dreaded overhead bin, a decision that soon proved rewarding for everyone on the flight.


As the musicians played, passengers were captivated, with smiles, laughter, and applause filling the cabin. The infectious energy even prompted a passenger a few rows back to stand up and join in, performing a traditional jig in a Riverdance style.


The spontaneous mid-air concert was captured by Danny Walters, who happened to be on the flight with his wife embarking on a holiday. Danny shared, “About an hour or so in, we heard someone say ‘guys, give us me fiddle over!’. I just happened to be sitting in front, so once I saw the fiddle come out, I brought out my camera… everybody loved it! I think it really shortened the flight for us all.”

The video showcased the lively atmosphere created by the unexpected musical interlude, and Danny later caught up with the musicians during their holiday on the island, attending one of Sean’s gigs.

This spontaneous in-flight performance serves as a delightful reminder that music knows no bounds, elevating spirits and transforming mundane moments into memorable experiences, even at 30,000 feet.


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