Vicky Chow to Showcase Glass Piano Études in Music at the Forefront Concert at BGSU

by Madonna

Bowling Green State University’s Moore Musical Arts Building will resonate with the renowned piano artistry of Vicky Chow as she takes the stage for a free, public concert on Monday, Feb. 5, at 8 p.m. The performance, part of the 2023-24 Music at the Forefront series, promises an enchanting evening in Bryan Recital Hall.

Presented by the MidAmerican Center for Contemporary Music in BGSU’s College of Musical Arts, Vicky Chow’s concert will highlight selections from the first book of Piano Études by iconic American composer and artist Philip Glass. The pianist, celebrated for her recent release of these works on Cantaloupe Records, brings a unique perspective to the performance.


“When I first encountered these pieces, I was brought back to my roots of playing piano,” remarked Chow about Glass’ Études. “Each one is so different — they can be very sophisticated and simple at the same time. For me, it was all about going back to playing acoustic piano, with no electronics or extended technique or preparation, and utilizing that part of my brain.”


The original Études, compiled into two books of 10 individual pieces each, have been recorded by various pianists over the years. What sets Chow’s interpretation apart is her personal connection with Glass and their shared presence in New York City’s vibrant new music community.


Vicky Chow, originally from Vancouver, Canada, is now based in Brooklyn, New York. Aside from her concert career, she serves as faculty at the Bang on a Can Summer Institute and has been on faculty at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity. Additionally, she plays a crucial role on the board of advisors for Composers Now and mentors at The Juilliard School. A graduate of both The Juilliard School and The Manhattan School of Music, Chow brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her musical endeavors.

This performance marks Chow’s return to Music at the Forefront, having presented Tristan Perich’s “Surface Image” at the ClaZel in January 2016. Music at the Forefront is an annual concert series that showcases accomplished and innovative performers in the realm of contemporary music, contributing to BGSU’s rich cultural and artistic landscape.


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