Marty Friedman, Former Megadeth Guitarist, Advocates for Evolution in Guitar Solos

by Madonna

Renowned ex-Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman, recognized for his exceptional shredding skills, has surprisingly taken a critical stance on the traditional guitar solo, expressing his desire for its gradual demise.

Friedman argues that contemporary guitarists often prioritize showcasing their technical prowess rather than contributing meaningfully to the music. Despite his own reputation for melodic soloing, he contends that the modern guitarist has the potential to add much more depth to musical compositions.


“Usually, the lead guitarist comes in, gets an eight-bar solo, plays a bunch of stupid licks, maybe adds something hot and fancy that will impress, and then they get out. But I’m replacing the vocalist when I’m soloing, meaning I sing with my guitar,” Friedman explains.


Disapproving of what he perceives as a self-centered mindset among guitarists, Friedman advocates for a departure from the conventional solo format. He expresses his hope for a transformation in the art form, urging for inventive and engaging solos that captivate listeners, especially those not musically inclined.


“I hope the traditional guitar solo dies a slow and painful death. Guitar solos need to be inventive. They need something to keep listeners involved, especially those who are not learning to play and only listen,” asserts Friedman. He emphasizes the responsibility of guitarists to evoke emotion and connection through their solos, particularly for non-musicians.

Acknowledging the awe-inspiring impact of discovering challenging guitar techniques during the learning phase, Friedman notes that this excitement tends to lose its significance for those not actively pursuing musical proficiency. He emphasizes the need for guitarists to create music that resonates emotionally with a broader audience.

In the later segments of the interview, Friedman expresses optimism for the future, highlighting the potential of younger guitarists to reshape the landscape.


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