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Ana Popovic Discusses Inspirations and Creative Process Behind “Power” Album

by Madonna

Renowned guitarist and singer Ana Popovic opens up about the creative journey behind her latest album, “Power,” in a recent interview. The blues-rock artist delves into the unique collaborative process with her music director and bass player, Buthel Burns, and the profound impact of her battle with breast cancer on the album’s thematic essence.

Popovic reveals that Burns, who had not previously written songs, became an unexpected source of inspiration. Captivated by Burns’ distinctive way of expressing himself, she started jotting down his words, creating a foundation for their collaborative songwriting. Popovic’s determination to steer clear of cliché lyrics led her to this unconventional but fruitful partnership.

The artist shares a poignant moment when faced with a breast cancer diagnosis, initially considering putting her music on hold. However, Burns encouraged her to continue creating and touching people through their music. This pivotal moment led to a series of Zoom meetings where they began crafting songs for the album. The themes explored in the lyrics range from racial issues to homelessness, reflecting the band’s experiences on the road and their deep connection with life.

Discussing the musical diversity of “Power,” Popovic expresses her desire for each song to be distinct. The album seamlessly transitions from funk and R&B to blues, with standout tracks like “Flicker & Flame,” a heavy rock tune inspired by personal relationships and reminiscent of Hendrix’s style. Gospel music, discovered through Detroit’s vibrant church scene, also finds its place on the record, bringing a rich musical tapestry to the project.

Addressing concerns about potentially losing fans due to the departure from blues-rock, Popovic emphasizes the importance of evolution. She asserts that if fans are unwilling to grow with the artist, they should explore other avenues. Surprisingly, Popovic notes that the response to the new songs during a recent tour was overwhelmingly positive, with fans showing excitement for the fresh sound.

Popovic details her choice of guitars for “Power,” including a ’64 Strat, two reissue Strats, a Les Paul, and occasional use of a D’Angelico and a Yamaha nylon-string. Her favorite effects pedals include the original Tube Screamers, MXR Super Badass Distortion, and classic Boss chorus pedals, delay, and wah.

One of the standout tracks, “Rise Up,” was written by Kenny Wayne Shepherd, and Popovic turned it into an anthem with a distinctive bass line, expressing her concern for social issues and injustice.

“Power” stands as a testament to Ana Popovic’s musical evolution, blending soul, funk, and blues in a way that resonates with both longtime fans and newcomers alike.

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