Trumpet-Playing Dad Turns School Pickup into a Musical Celebration, Daughter Joins the Fun

by Madonna

Eric Baker, a trumpeter with the West Texas Symphony, has taken dad embarrassment to a whole new level, turning a routine school pickup into a lively musical spectacle that left his daughter, and fellow students, smiling.

On a typical day, Eric decided to add a musical twist to the school pickup routine. Armed with his trumpet, he played The Champs’ classic, “Tequila,” at full volume with the car windows down. Capturing the moment on his dashboard GoPro, the impromptu performance quickly became a hit with those waiting in the pickup line.


As the brass notes echoed, an enthusiastic voice in the background exclaimed, “That’s so awesome!” The highlight came when the familiar part of the song arrived, and everyone joined in a spirited chorus of “Tequila!”


Eric’s daughter, the target of this musical surprise, entered the car with a beaming smile, showing no signs of embarrassment. In fact, she expressed her enjoyment, saying, “That was fun. I liked that,” to her dad.


Sharing the joyful moment on TikTok, Eric captioned the video, “Today’s agenda included picking up my daughter from school with a lively tune! I feel like ‘Trumpet Tuesday’ needs to be a thing!”

With the positive response from both his daughter and the pickup line audience, it seems “Trumpet Tuesday” might just become a weekly tradition, adding a touch of musical cheer to the school routine for all involved.


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